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We Make Your Business Our Business

Business Litigation, Corporate Law

When businesses are involved, time is money, and effective legal representation is key.

Business Deals Do Not Always Go Smoothly

A client came to Pivach seeking assistance with purchasing a new property to expand its multi-million dollar business.  After negotiating a deal, the seller unexpectedly refused to honor the agreement and perform as required under the contract.   Because of the nature of our client’s business, our client needed to resolve the dispute quickly, and did not have time for a lengthy trial or court proceeding.

We Get Down to Business So No Time Is Wasted

Our attorneys promptly filed a lawsuit in the local district court seeking to enforce the terms of the contract as written.  Our attorneys then filed a motion for summary judgment, requesting that the court rule on the matter without having to proceed through a lengthy and expensive trial.  After a hearing, the court ruled in favor of our client’s business, holding that the seller was bound by the contract and that the sale should proceed.  As a result, our client was able to purchase the property and expand its business as planned without a delay.

In Business, Preparation And Effective Legal Representation Is Key

Business owners routinely find themselves negotiating agreements and entering into contracts to further advance their businesses and profits.  Often times, a dispute arises over the terms of the deal, with the parties disagreeing over how the contract should be performed or whether the contract was performed satisfactorily.  Consulting with an attorney from the start of negotiations can often prevent a legal dispute down the road.  When a problem does arise, businesses do not always have the time or money to devote to a lengthy legal battle.  Our attorneys focus on our clients’ business needs and goals to determine the best procedure for quickly and successfully resolving a business dispute.  Contact one of our attorneys at Pivach today to learn more about how we can work with you to help ensure that your business is a success.