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Protecting an Industry and the Gulf of Mexico’s Natural Resources

Maritime Law, Business Litigation

By knowing an industry, a good legal representative can protect you on all fronts.

Assisting the Seafood Industry in Transactional, Legislative, and Litigation Matters

Over the last three decades, Pivach has protected the coast of Louisiana by assisting and supporting the Louisiana oyster industry.  Our attorneys have assisted the oyster industry through transaction, legislative, and litigation matters.  Pivach has assisted its clients in purchasing, applying for, and transferring oyster leases and oyster vessels.   Our attorneys continuously monitor the legislative climate to determine how each year’s legislative session may affect the oyster industry.  In addition to our transactional and legislative assistance, Pivach has also litigated cases in state and federal court on behalf of many oyster leaseholders.  

Fighting for the Oyster Industry Against All Odds

In the early 1990’s, Pivach successfully defended a third-party Constitutional challenge to the State of Louisiana’s oyster water-bottom leasing system.  The Louisiana Fourth Circuit denied challenges that the leasing of water bottoms for the purpose of oyster cultivation was unconstitutional.

Our attorneys have also litigated against the State of Louisiana in defending changes to the oyster water-bottom leasing system.  When the State of Louisiana attempted to unconstitutionally amend the terms of its leases with oyster leaseholders, our attorneys successfully sued the State to stop the changes from going into effect.  After the decision was overturned on appeal, Pivach appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court which determined that the State of Louisiana had acted unconstitutionally.

Knowing the Industry Allows Us to Protect the Industry

By knowing the intricacies of the oyster industry, the attorneys at Pivach have been able to assist our clients in protecting the resources important to the industry.  Whether assisting a client with a transaction or litigation, our attorneys know what is good for the industry and good for our clients.  Contact Pivach today to discuss your industry with one of our attorneys.