Case Studies

Know All of Your Potential Claims

Personal Injury

Often times, an attorney is needed to thoroughly and patiently assist a client in identifying all of his or her personal injury claims. 

Know all of Your Potential Claims

A client came to Pivach seeking our assistance in recovering property damage to her vehicle resulting from a car accident.  During the initial client interview, the client indicated that she bumped her head during the accident, but did not report any current pain from the accident.  Several months after the accident, however, the client experienced several seizures and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, which would require medication and medical treatment for the rest of her life.  A doctor specializing in brain and seizure disorders determined that the client’s seizure disorder was related to her head impact during the car accident.

What Was Learned

In this case study, the client initially sought to recover only for her damaged vehicle.  She was unaware that her car accident had resulted in a medical condition that would require expensive treatment for the rest of her life.  If the client had settled with the insurance company immediately after the accident, the client would have had to pay for her future medical treatment without additional compensation from the insurance company.  By contacting our office and having your claim properly evaluated, you can make sure that all of your damages in your personal injury matter are recovered.

How We Review and Advise

At Pivach, our attorneys carefully and thoroughly listen to the needs of our clients to identify and ensure that all claims for damages are recovered.  We can advise you about the pitfalls and concerns with accepting a quick insurance settlement.  A car accident can result in personal injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and future medical treatment.  The amount of these damages is not always apparent immediately after your accident.  You may be contacted within hours of your accident by an insurance company offering you several hundred dollars to settle your claims.  Before you accept any offer or check from an insurance company, contact an attorney with Pivach to ensure that you know all of your potential claims and the best method to recover all damages.