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Choosing the Best Legal Option for You

Governmental Representation

Candid legal advice and thorough preparation can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Sometimes The Long Road is the Right Path

A local parish assessor came to Pivach after discovering numerous taxpayers had been avoiding taxes by omitting property from their yearly tax forms submitted to the assessor’s office.  The assessor had already been approached by a group of attorneys who were encouraging him to join a federal court lawsuit seeking millions of dollars in taxes and penalties against the taxpayers on grounds of fraud and RICO violations.  Our attorneys advised the assessor that, while the bells and whistles of the federal  lawsuit sounded good, there were legal risks involved that would likely result in the dismissal of the lawsuit in its early stages, costing a significant amount of wasted time and money.  The alternative was a far less glamorous procedure that would require a large amount of work from the assessor and take a longer time to achieve results.

Know The Right Path Before You Begin

Rather than jump on the lawsuit bandwagon, the assessor took our advice and decided to follow the legal procedure for issuing supplemental assessments, a lengthy and time-consuming, but legally correct process.  After taking our advice, and having faced numerous legal challenges, the assessor obtained successful results from both the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal and the Louisiana Supreme Court, validating his supplemental assessments of omitted property.  As a result, the assessor’s parish has collected millions of dollars in property taxes that will benefit the parish’s citizens for years to come.  

Meanwhile, the federal RICO lawsuit against the taxpayers was unsuccessful from the start, having been dismissed at the outset as predicted by our firm.

Knowing Your Options Can Prevent Wasted Time and Money 

As the assessor’s case shows, at Pivach, our attorneys extensively review every inquiry or case that comes through the door, considering all options available from every possible angle to determine the best method for success. We are not afraid to choose the path less traveled if it is in the best interest of our clients.  Our advice is always candid -- whether you have a strong case or it is better to walk away and cut your losses. We know the meaning of hard work and understand the importance of preparation, while balancing the cost to you.  If you find yourself with a legal problem and are not sure what to do, contact Pivach today and let us help you determine the best course of action.